Medicines to be taken:        

  a)        For Vomiting: Chew one tablet of stemetil MD, as and when required (you can take upto three tablets per day)

 b)         For diarrhea:   Take tablet Levflox 500 mg once daily for five days. If vomiting and diarrhea occur together, take tablet Stemetil MD first followed, after fifteen minutes, by tablet Levoflox 500 mg – once daily for five days. Patients should avoid taking food. However, patient is advised to take curd and lassi after vomiting stops.

             In case patient does not get well, he may need intravenous fluids, so it is advisable to go to nearest dispensary available.

 Important things to note:

 Often Hujaj Kiram performs multiple Tawafs during their stay in Haram Sharief. The end result of this is severe fatigue and swelling of both feet and legs. This increases the difficulties for the Hajies. Their shoes / Chappels become unfit for their feet. In that case, the treatment is to take rest and while sleeping put two pillows under your feet and the condition will recede within few days.

 Five Days of Hajj

 The ultimate event of Hajj extends over a period of five days. During these five days, a pilgrim is vulnerable to all types of diseases, as I have mentioned above. Here I want to stress about food. Kindly do not eat such foods which you are no used to at home. Take hot tea and biscuits during these days.

 Haj Committee has decided to provide packed food during these days, I recommend to take this food immediately after it served. Do not store it.


S.No Medicine Name No.of Tablets

Tablet Paractemol

 Market Name

 Tablet Malidens 500mg or

 Tablet Macfast 500mg

30 Tablets

 Tablet Levofloxin 500mg

Market Name

 Tablet L-Cin 500mg, or

 Tablet Levoflox 500mg

30 Tablets
 3  Tablet Stemetal MD (10-15 Tablets)

 Stomach pain medicine

 Tablet Veloz 20mg – once during day

(3 Tablets)

 Tablet Drotin DS or Tab DVN 80mg

 For abdominal colics / spasm

(10 Tablets)
6  Tablet Ugesic (5 Tablets)
7  Face Masks  100 Nos


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