C)      Next condition which Haji Sahib can develop is Fever:

Fever may be associated with chills. In that case take:

i)                    Tab Paractemol 500 mg as is advised above.

ii)                  If fever persists – Cold sponging to be done.

D)      Third disease which Haji Sahib can develop is Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)

Symptoms:      Fever, chills and rigors, irrigation of eyes, running of nose, sore throat, chest congestion and cough.

Note: It would have been better if preventive measures are taken. If one wants to avoid development of

URTI, following measures have to be taken:-

i)                    As the temperature fluctuates between 370 to 400C, while coming from Haram to Hotel, Haji Sahib feels heat, sweating, exhaustion and fatigue. They immediately take cold water and cold drinks and sit under fans and A.C’s. This should be strictly avoided: instead they should take lukewarm water till they feel comfortable.

Medicines to be take: (In case symptoms do not subside)

a)      Tab Levoflox 500 mg – once daily for five days.

Side effects: -   Nill, rarely Allergy.

b)      For fever take paractemol 500 mg daily, as and when required.

Note:   Tab Levoflox 500 mg, costs Rs. 50 – 60/- for five days. But in Saudi Arabia, it costs about 70 Riyals for five days. Moreover, this medicine is not available within the dispensaries of Indian Haj Mission. It is recommended to take 10 – 20 tablets along.

E)      Vomiting & Loose Motion.

                Another disease which a Haji Sahib usually develops is Vomiting & Loose Motion. This condition usually occurs as a result of food poisoning (either through infected food or stored food). Often Haji Sahib takes such food at Saudi Arabia, which he is not accustomed to. It is advisable to avoid experimenting the foods available. Instead he should take those foods which are like his native place foods.   

Note:   Kindly do not take dry vegetables (Hukh Sabzi, Waur or Hogard (dried or smoked fish) ets).


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