J&K State Haj Committee has been established for making arrangements for the Haj pilgrims of the State and matters connected therewith. The Committee is a multifarious body comprising members from different fields like legislature, local bodies, Muslim theologians and Muslim Voluntary Organisations. Till the year 1995, the Haj pilgrimage was under taken by Sea route with Bombay as the embarkation point for the pilgrims of the State. Subsequently, pilgrimage by sea route was discarded and pilgrims of the State also started traveling by Air. In the year 2002, Srinagar, the summer capital of the State, was declared as Embarkation Point for the pilgrims of J&K State. At present, direct flights operate from Srinagar Airport to Jeddah / Madinah Munawarrah ferrying the pilgrims of the State to the holy lands.

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