Preparation for Haj
On 8th Dhil HIjjah you are supposed to leave for Haj. So be ready beforehand; create in you the qualities of meekness, humility and modesty. Before leaving for Haj keep in mind the principles and obligations which make it possible. Understand that abandoning any principle (Rukun) will not complete the Haj and abdication of an essential (Wajib) will lead to DUM( penalty) becoming necessary.  
Principles (Arkan) of Haj
1.    Adorning Ihram (on 8th Dhil Hijjah)
2.    Stationing at Arafat (on 9th Dhil Hijjah)
3.    Circumambulating Kaabah i.e. Tawaf-i-Ziyarah (on 10th, 11th or 12th of Dhil Hijjah).
Essential (Wajibat) of Haj
1.    Adorning Ihram from Miqat (i.e. hotel rooms).
2.    Waqoof-i-Arafat till dusk.
3.    Spending a night at Muzdalifah (between 9th and 10th Dhil Hijjah)
4.    Rami Jamrat i.e stoning the Satan in systematic manner.
5.    Shaving or Clipping hair of head.
6.    Sa’ee between Safa and Marwah.
7.    Animal Sacrifice (Qurbani)
8.    Farewell Circumambulation (Tawaf-i-Vida)
Ihram for Haj
     With the dawn of 8th Dhil Hijjah pilgrims have to leave for Haj. Before leaving make ablutions in your hotel bathrooms and adorn Ihram. Offer two Rak’ahs in our own rooms and make intention for Haj. Women too should adorn new or washed clothes after taking bath or making ablutions, then making the intention for Haj. Two rakkat of Salah and the intention for Haj can be performed in Masjid-i-Haram also. The Talbiyah should be recited continuously while proceeding towards Mina.
Stay at Mina
Mina is located at a distance of 8 kms from Makkah where thousands of comfortable fire proof tents are established for Haj. Plenty of bathrooms, toilets are also available.  After offering the Zuhr, Asar, Magrib and Isha prayers on 8th Dhil Hijjah and spending a whole night there and on 9th Dhil Hijjah offer your Fajr either in a grand mosque Masjid-i-Khaief or in congregation in your own tents.
Journey towards Arafat
On 9th Dhil Hijaj after sunrise proceed to Arafat either by buses or on foot reciting the Talbiyyah continuously. On reaching Arafat (which is about 9 kms from Mina) make ablution and offer Zuhr and Asar together and in shortened form (Qasr and Jama’a in accordance with the practice of Prophet) either at Masjid-i-Namirah or in your tents with congregation.
The Stay at Arafat
Waqoof-i-Arafat is the main feature of Haj pilgrimage. Make it sure that you remain within the boundaries of Arafat. It must be acknowledged that a part of Masjid-i-Namirah remains outside the boundary of Arafat. The stay at Arafat is the most valuable moments in the life of a true believer and shouldn’t be wasted in conversation or hairsplitting on the issue like offering Qasr or not in any other work but with live and desire to adhere to Phophet’s way and in accordance with it spend your time in seeking blessings with humility from Allah. Whatever supplications you remember, recited with moist eyes while standing or sitting. According to prophet’s saying nobody will leave empty handed from here but one should only have etiquette of how to invoke blessings. If possible go towards the Mountain of Blessings (Jabl al Rahmah) where the Prophet’s (SAW) stayed during his farewell pilgrimage and with humility pray and supplicate.
Departure from Arafat
Till dusk during your stay at Arafat ask for blessings. With the sunset without offering Maghrib tread towards Muzdalifah on foot or in buses with Talbiyah on your lips. Muzdalifah is a huge ground about 3 Kms in the eastern side between Mina and Arafat. One should return from Arafat to Muzdalifah with respect and dignity reciting Talbiyyah, Zikr and prayer as much as possible.
     If due to some extreme situation it becomes impossible to reach Arafat before sunset on 9th of Dhil Hijjah, such a person can reach Arafat upto Fajr time of 10th Dhul Hijjah and his Wuqufi Arafat will be fulfilled.

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