At Haj House
Two days before their departure, the pilgrims are provided travel documents like passport with duly endorsed Visa, boarding pass, blank immigration form and identity card. 

1.  On the day of departure, on reaching Haj House, the volunteers shall take your luggage to check-in counter.
2.  After identifying your luggage, with all travel documents in hand, stand in queue for check-in. Obtain luggage tag.
3.  Collect foreign exchange (Riyals) from the specified counter.  
4.  Accommodation Stickers will be pasted on your Passports by the State Haj Committee staff.
5.  Make ablutions, and proceed to the departure lounge. You can offer Salah but don’t make intention for Umrah at this stage. If it is time for obligatory prayer (Salah) offer it in congregation in the departure lounge itself.
6.  After some time you will leave for airport under proper escort.

At the Airport / while on board.
7. On reaching the airport you will be taken straight to the waiting hall. Wait for announcement for putting on Ahram in case the flight is to Jeddah. Wear normal clothes in case the flight is destined to Madinah. Offer two Rak’ahs prayer (Salah). Proceed for Immigration to the designated counter in a queue. Sign the documents with the same signature as appearing in the Passport and check the Passport for Immigration Stamp. Proceed for the Customs check. After Customs clearance move to the Security Hold area. You can use toilets, perform ablution till the time the boarding announcement is made. Proceed to the aeroplane in a queue and take your allotted seat. While on board, make less use of toilets. Don’t spill water on the flight floor as it may cause accident. During journey recite Quranic Verses, benedictions (Durood) and carry on supplications continuously. While on board, Salah can be offered at its prescribed times while being seated in one’s respective place. When the plane reaches near Miqat an announcement will be made; make intention for Umrah.  
       During the journey Talbiyyah should be recited continuously. Upon arrival at Jeddah airport passport and vaccination card should be kept in hand so that the process of identification becomes easy. Make ablutations at the airport and (whichever Salah is requisite) offer Qasr in congregation. Refreshments are available at the airport. Recitation of Talbiyyah must continue unabated.
       On reaching Jeddah, the pilgrims are vaccinated for Polio in the holding area. Then proceed for Immigration clearance. The Passports shall be endorsed with seal and signature and returned to you. After Immigration collect the baggage and proceed towards Customs counter for clearance. After coming out of the Customs hall, the travel documents shall be checked by Maktabul Wukala staff. The staff of the Indian Consulate, Jeddah shall assist the pilgrims towards the buses arranged by the Moalim for traveling to Makkah Mukarrammah. While boarding the buses please ensure that your baggage has been loaded in the same bus. The buses will proceed towards Makkah Mukarrammah. The pilgrims are taken to Moalim’s office where certain formalities are completed and then taken to their respective buildings. After getting refreshed, proceed for Umrah.
 The essential (Arkan) of Umrah
1.    Wearing Ihram from Miqat and making Niyyah.
2.    Circumambulations (Tawaf) of Kaabah.
3.    Walking to and fro (S’aie) between the hillocks of Safa and Marwah.
Tawaf (Circumambulation of Kaabah)
Circumambulating around Kaabah seven times constitutes a Tawaf. With the kissing, touching or gesticulating in the direction of Hajr-i-Aswad initiate the circumambulation from your Westward side. In this Tawaf(-i-Qadoom) the male pilgrims should do Iztiba (wrap down Ahram underneath the right arm so that the right shoulder remains bare) during all seven circumambulation and Ramal (walk quickly in small steps with the fists closed and chest broadened) in the first three rounds.
       After completion of Tawaf kiss, touch or gestculate towards the Hajr-e-Aswad and walk towards the Maqam-I-Ibrahim which is located some paces from the Kaabah kept in a glass box with a golden cover. If it’s not possible to ofer Naful near Maqam-i-Ibrahim, these can be offered at any place within Masjid-e-Haram. After prayers seek blessings with humble invocations and then move towards the Maa-u-Zam Zam (Water of Zam Zam) containers, which have been set up in all directions of the sacred precincts. Drink it to your full and also rub it on your body. While drinking this water recite dua.
       After quenching thirst with Maa-u-Zam Zam, crossing the courtyard of Sacred Kaabah, kiss Hajr-i-Aswad or just gesticulate with your hands, move towards the hill of Safa (which is today just a rock adjacent to Masjid-i-Haram). Perform seven rounds of S’aie starting from Safa so that the S’aie concludes at Marwah.  
                  For S’aie men should walk quickly in between Maileen-e-Akhzareen (marked with green lights)
During Sa’ee there is no specific Dua. The Duas based on Quran and Ahadith must be chanted, if one does not remember any Dua then Sa’ee done in silence is also valid. The seventh i.e. last up and down will complete near Marwah, come out of the gateway and resort to Halaq or Qasr ie. either shave off your whole head or clip of the hair of your whole head. Women should also get a small bit of their hair clipped either by another woman or husband or by a Muharram. It is better that women should clip their hairafter reaching the hotel room. Al Hamudullilah your Umrah is complete.
        During your stay make it a habit to do as much Tawaf as possible. These Tawaf should be done in your normal dress (without Ihram) and neither Iztiba nor Ramal or S’aie should be performed.  
     Whenever circumstances permit offer two Rak’ahs of Salah and seek mercy inside the adjoining free space of Kaabah (Hateem). Also seek invocations at Multazim as and when it is possible. It must be taken note of that after offering two Rak’ahs supplementary at Hateem or invocating at Multazim one must immediately move out from there so that the other Muslim brothers can also have a chance and your reward is escalated. In the sacred jurisdiction after obligatory prayers, offer the Sunnat-i-Salah with a halt as in most cases after obligatory prayers funeral prayers are offered.

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